Must have been the wrong kid

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Next time, I’ll make sure she’s ritually pure… 👿

What a loss. Stupid fouls, no attacking strength AGAIN, letting the other team dictate when they have the ball. This entire World Cup experience for us was retarded. Arena has been good, but he needs to go. Other people’s words:

So, Bruce, thanks for helping restore respectability, but please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way back to the States.

Not impressed with Johnson (our only threat in Game 1) being on the gd bench for the next two games. Lewis was poof f’n vapor, hell even Donovan could barely put together 10 solid minutes. Thanks Claudio Reyna for the “ouch I got hurt and that’s why they scored” act during the Ghana match. 😥 Man up, bitch. Stuff should have been broken in the locker room during halftime of the Ghana match, fires lit underneath peoples asses, hell maybe a few public executions. No motivation at all.

Overall, this was the most disappointing run I have ever seen. Sure we did better than France ‘98, but let’s face it we were still building back then. All we had to do was get past the first round for this to be a success, only crazy people expect us to win it all right now, but it would have been proof of progress. Instead, we’re slinking back home after getting punked in the ass yet again in Europe. So, let’s get a new coach who isn’t comfortable with the job, and make all the players requalify. Start from ground zero again. We have four years, so let’s make the most of them.

Soooo, the following is for the females and I guess the USMNT since they played like they were adoring fans instead of soccer players.

Michael Ballack (Alemania)

Del Piero (Italia)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Kaká (Brasil)

Just to maintain my street cred: Asian soccer. Soccer wives. Soccer fans.

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    >.> You just made my day. TY 😀

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    hello! this may be a little out of topic but i’d like to know what plugins do you use in this blog to display the WoW items and stats. i’m a WoW gamer myself and i like the idea of using wordpress as a blog for my guild.

    thanks very much in advance for the plugins.

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    OoOOo…I must have been really good!

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    Hi Jay,

    I use WP_Itemstats(link) to display the WoW items. The site is mostly in German, but the plugin is pretty self explanatory. Good luck with the guild blog, let me know when it is up and I will come check it out.


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    damn i think we should just get some uniforms and take some pictures of us and say we are players!!!!

    that would be super sexy!!

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    Dude, you scare me sometimes… 😛

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    I think it’s a great idea!!! Send the pics to me. I’ll help you decide which ones to use….

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    um…. I’d rather see pics of >.> nm. wistle

    Oooooo OtherBro! lol :)

    I wonder if Bubbles reads this too >.> dear Lord, then everyone will know my public secrets!

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    Public Secrets…
    sure, though if everyone already thinks you think it and you just say it, is it really that shocking?? i think not, too bad Jayd…
    but really, i should find a uniform or something, then post online with it saying i am the 18th member of ireland, people would be like “that is sooo cool!!” because they don’t know anything about the world’s best sport!! damn them all!!! at least i can watch the games and get payed for it, my boss is a big sports buff!! it is great, but damn it i wanted Ecuador to win :(

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    D.B. needs to be shot in the head. He freaking plays Real Madrid! What the H E Double Hockey-sticks was he doing playing for England!!?

    >.> GROWEL. Jeff will feel my wrath at work >.>

    Oh, and Uru >.> one of the pics is broken… it needs fixing plz. :)

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