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I want a pony.

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Yep. That means I need lots of faction with SW… so go farm for me! Please an Thank You. :)

... Is it sad when the Humans love you more than your own race…?? Wait… this has been true for a while now… Oo but that’s a different story }8)

Who’s in charge?

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I would just like to point out that the President of Iran look like a crazy dirty hobo. Now back to WoW.


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Well, with the successful completion of the Military Industrial Complex supplies for the war quest, the gates are opening on Medivh. I imagine the conversation in 4 days will be something like this:

“CAPTAIN! The Silithids are swarming under the wall! They constructed a tunnel!” “Distract them with Lean Wolf Steaks, Sergeant! I’m going to make sure we have enough Linen Bandages for our very slightly wounded.” “The steaks! They do nothing!”

For “real” commentary, go bother Foton.

Yay, another project…

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This one’s big. Real big. Maybe.

Let’s just say I haven’t found anything like it anywhere else, so this will be my contribution to the WoW community.

Which, for someone who can’t get linked by any other WoW blog, is a pretty big statement.

wanders off for some more Gordok Green Grog

Make peace to make war

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With the war effort currently on going, many servers are using at least some cross-faction cooperation. Others… are having problems:

Damnit Broonan,

If you are so interested in storylines, then perhaps you would be interested in the tale of how I am going to have every Alliance flight point well staffed by our very own pvp grief teams if you and your carebear brigade don’t start turning in shit. I’m tired of this ren-faire bullshit and other servers are laughing at our piss poor 52% completion. At this rate we are going to have to hire Chinese Farmers to complete the Alliance quests for us, and chances are they wouldn’t speak in this bullshit fantasy-magick crap. We didn’t roll horde to play patty-cake, so if my guild isn’t in that ancient city by next Wednesday, you will regret it. Start role-playing something with a pair.

A discussion between faction leaders on an RP server.

It’s official, geeks are whiney bitches

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In a tale of ultime loserdom, a dude sues over “pain” caused by IMing.

Gillespie, 53, claims that Marlowe and Bob Charpentier, a 52-year-old Oregon resident, insulted him and harassed him in the AOL(link) chatroom called “Romance — Older Men” to the point where it inflicted “severe emotional distress and physical injury that is of a nature no reasonable man could be expected to endure it.”

The first hint that something is going wrong in your life probably that you’re in a room called “Romance – Older Men.” Now if you were in a room called “Romance – Older Men with $$” you might have a chance. This way, all you’re getting is a bunch of other old guys who are busy yakking instead of getting out there and doing shit. Did I say guys? I mean spinsters…

And as far as suffering “severe emotional stress” goes… Maybe you could, oh, I don’t know leave the chat room? Damn, the thought that coming up that one took.

Blonde FTW

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From the guild forums, an absolute must read: the best blonde joke ever.

Opening the gates

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It looks like the gates to AQ are opening already

It’s 7am where I am, and I got home from work 11 hours ago to begin the final phases of farming Silithus for faction as part of the Ahn’Qiraj opening line. Thanks to the tireless efforts of my guildmates, and the generous assistance of other guilds, including Nocturn, Aeternus, Quarantine, Goon Squad, Giant CommunistCensored Robots, Clan VXIX, and many others, in just over two days I amassed 42,000 Silithid Carapace Fragments and I achieved Neutral reputation with the Brood of Nozdormu. Shortly after midnight, I hit the magic 42000, and got to see the first of some of the coolest quest content WoW has ever seen, or any MMO for that matter. Everyone else is going to get to see this stuff in a few weeks when you get reputation in A’Q yourselves, but suffice it to say it truly feels epic, and evokes the very essence of what is appealing about the MMO genre—a group of adventurers and friends banding together to change the world, and actually doing it.

I have screenshots and the rest, but those will come after I sleep.

Humans vs machines

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I just found an interesting site. Kill Shot Bot is a site dedicated to a running WoW bot that you can find and (hopefully) kill. Check out some of the screenshots.

Pics man Pics!!

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... We took family pics… Where is the new banner Uru?? Huh? Huh? I wanna see it!! 😀