Here we go again…

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This is the dev tracking post, so ignore the list if you want.

To Do:

  • Make an IE specific CSS(link) (Cascading Style Sheets) file. I just viewed the site in IE, and damn is it borked. (FWIW, I use PortableFirefox 1.5RC3 at work and Firefox 1.0.7 at home.)
  • New borders for About and Calendar boxes. – I know what I want to do (use the boxes from Hogit’s theme), I just need to do it.

  • Implement “Blockquote” class so that all my quotes can look nice and pretty.

  • Implement buttons for the pages. Options:

    • Do something like the buttons at the top of for the Account, Server Status, etc.

    • Use button from Hogit’s theme.

  • Add a server status area to the sidebar. – Find RSS feed or something? I think has one, but he’s down due to bandwidth issues.

  • Improve readability for the site. This includes different font colorings, especially on the sidebar.

  • Take the format for the “widget” class and move it to the post title area (part of improved readability) and implement a new widget layout.

  • Fix the options page in WP-Admin to reflect my changes to Regulus.

  • Package theme for use on other websites.

  • Add server status to the sidebar – Use this.


  • Custom header (2.5 hours of work, biggest part of project so far)

  • Custom footer

  • Change background

  • Change content background

  • Modify “wrapper” div

  • Plugins integrated:

  • Fixed link list/blog roll output in sidebar

  • Added Gravatars to comments

  • Fully implement an Asides category. – I put the Asides tweaks from Coldforged into part operation. Issues that I have include not being able have a post in categories in addition to “Asides” and not having the damn things show up on the front page. Well, that second one can wait until I create some CSS(link) to properly display them. Progess report: Final fix for this needs to wait until I can get home and log into mySQL to run some code. Almost done! Used the WP Codex to add Asides (Photomatt’s original implemenation). Time: 3hrs 👿

  • Integrate images for each author (This is for Naye, and therefore the #1 thing on the list). – I’ll use this plugin, we’ll see how long it takes me. 😉 I used the CSS(link) from here and the WP code from here (modified of course). Total time: 40 min.

  • Make it so that if there is an excerpt, it only shows that, else it just uses the content (This one’s for Jayd). – Lots of plugins for this, dunno which one I will use. And the answer is: scriptygoddess to the rescue.

10 Responses to “Here we go again…”

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    I like it!!

    pfft. as if I wouldn’t like WoW themes… meh.

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    hehe, thanks! Let me know if you have problems reading it, etc. I’m looking for some good feedback to tweak it and maybe release to the guys at the theme collections. 😀

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    Imo the grey font color isn’t the easiest to read. 😕 and my exept is gone!! and now the whole story is on the page. 😕 I like the exepts, they are like teasers. 😈

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    Looks depressing to me. Lava desert with an undead says something loudly and it’s not “Hey! Exciting stuff going on here!” Combine that with the brown/autumn colors and you’ve got a funk going on. I agree the text is hard to read – especially the dates. May I suggest spicing it up a bit with some epic purples, superior blues, and uncommon greens rather than the poor quality grey? It’d be cool if you could change the color based on the number of comments. I was thinking more about assigning text colors to people though. An easy way to see that Jayd is the one bubble dating and not you. One thing I personally would do is make the parchment lighter – more of a beige than a gold.

    Just my $0.02. Nice work. It’s pretty, but sad looking to me. (I know. I’m picky, but you asked for feedback!)

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    Oo Can I have Blue?? I would adore blue!!! Oh yeah, and how about a family pic I’ll even leave out my shamies for it!! er wait, our shamies 😕 Shamie stealer you.

    TY Nayenaye for the input! Fresh eyes make keen observation. I heart you Naye!

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    Yay! A Naye sighting! Thanks for the feedback Naye, now do you have any sexy NE priestess pics that I can have to change the header?

    I am definitely planning on changing the colors, although the color changing comments may be beyond my skills (rare as that is :p ).

    Jayd, let’s get together sometime and make that pic, PM and we’ll set up the details (your server, my server, etc 😉 ).

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    How about a hot steamy cyb0r convo instead?

    I thought I’d sent some Moyra pics before. Take a walk through my photobucket and see what you can find. =)

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    Oh. Wow Naye. That’s almost as bad as the one I sent… er, whistle caugh I mean ” Boy, that Rath, he’s a naughty one…” I think he did it on purpose. You know boys… always trying to get a rise out of ya!

    on a different note:

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    How about making the avatars clicky so that we can get a blurb like “Uruloki is teh seksi. When not serving his country and/or his woman, he saves the world of warcraft from evil.” and a list of recent posts?

    Btw, do I get contribution points if any of my ideas are actually used? And if so, what can I turn them in for? Maybe Uruloki T-shirts?

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    Naye, your wish is my command. And really, I can only offer myself as a T-shirt 😈

    Maybe a less Otter-aggro-causing method of reward would be posting privileges if you ever want them 😀

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