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Half a day

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In exactly twelve hours, I’m whole again.

Time wasters

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First, hitting anime guys with anime chicks on bikes. Personal record: 1289.97m.

Second, hitting falling penguins with a bat. Personal record: 321m.

Career changes

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I’ve always enjoed Korn’s music, so we’ll see what losing their founding guitarist will do to them.

Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is exiting the chart-topping nü-metal band after finding God, according to a message on the band’s official Website.

“Korn has parted ways with guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, who has chosen Jesus Christ as his savior and will be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end,” his bandmates said, adding that they “respect Brian’s wishes and hopes he finds the happiness he is searching for.”

No word who’ll take his place in the lineup, which includes singer Jonathan Davis, guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer, bassist Reggie “Fieldy” Arvizo and drummer David Silvera.

Welch, 34, admitted his desire to seek salvation to a radio station in the band’s hometown of Bakersfield, California, on Sunday. He said he was becoming increasingly alienated from the menacing, mosh-driven music the quintet made during its 13 years together.

We’ll see what kind of music he makes in the future. It takes some major balls to walk away from one of the biggest acts in the country at the height of popularity, good luck to him.

The gift that keeps on giving

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Note to cheaters: make sure the evidence is definitely disposed of. Otherwise you end up having sue the sperm thief.

A woman accused of using her lover’s sperm to impregnate herself without his knowledge can be held liable for the unwitting father’s emotional pain, the Illinois Appellate Court has ruled.

In the ruling released Wednesday, a three-judge panel reinstated part of a lawsuit against Sharon Irons, a doctor from Olympia Fields. The ruling sends the case back to Cook County Circuit Court.

Irons was sued by her former lover, Chicago family physician Richard O. Phillips, who accused her of a “calculated, profound personal betrayal” of him after a brief affair they had six years ago.

Phillips alleges that he and Irons, who practices internal medicine, never had intercourse during their four-month affair, although they did have oral sex three times.

His suit contends that Irons, without his knowledge, kept some of his semen and used it to impregnate herself.

What the hell were they doing for four months without playing hide-the-sausage?? And, then, the chick saves the sperm to later impregnate herself?? WTF is going on here. Too bad they already procreated, they should definitely not be a part of the gene pool anymore.

And then one of the judges says,

“There’s a 5-year-old child here,” Mirabelli said Thursday. “Imagine how a child feels when your father says he feels emotionally damaged by your birth.”

Imagine how the kid will feel when he finds out that oral sex can cause pregnancy. Poor kid.

Everyone’s doing it, Pt IV

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I’m a German Shepard, what are you?

No, seriously, we’re good

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Since the servers are down, a bit from the forums on when you know that your warrior sucks.


  • ... you send in the hunters pet because, you know, it’s an elite and you’re not comfortable with that.

  • ... you are used for bait in pvp raids… and youre 10 levels higher than everyone else

  • ... when the Shaman you’re grouped with says “don’t let the warrior go there by himself, there’s a level 24 night elf in the area” and you’re level 30 :/

  • ... when you get asked to group by guildmates just so that you can “hold more loot for them” in the instance 😉

I don’t think there’s any bitterness, there’s only 37 pages so far…

I Rogue now, you go?

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Since the last Loly sighting, there has been a change in the farmer population. Where previously Paladins were the toon of choice, now it’s Rogues.

New farmers

And yes, I’m there. I need gold too you know (the Warrior alt is just begging to be twinked, the greedy little bugger). I currently have an ongoing war with Brica over one chest spawn in particular, it’s at the point where the last time I logged out, I was sitting in front of where it spawns…

Please, kill yourself: Pt II Update

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As Naye points out, an update on the cookie hater. Looks like her neighbors don’t like her very much any more…

Wanita Young said, “This has turned into quite a fiasco. It’s something that never should have happened and it’s just devastating. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing. My life has been threatened and I’ll probably have to move out of town.”

How much you want to bet that hasn’t happened (the life threatening part). She’s probably getting harassed a lot though.

Other side of the pond

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Looks like the wollout for WoW in Europe followed the US model: boxes fly off shelves, underestimation of client base, delayed account creation, complaints. And they are just starting to figure out that some people tend to go overboard on the MMORPGing.

Striking back at the corporate overlords

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And by that I mean, in the sincerest of ways, Valentine’s Day sucks. Seriously, if you’re not getting the SO little gifts like flowers throughout the rest of the year, she probably left you about six months ago. But, you’re too deep in WoW to care, aren’t you? Good boy. But, we have stupid jewelry ads going every other minute, and even the stupid “star registry” gift package. Hmmm, that’s definitely what she wants… Oh, and by the way, if you’re only getting kisses after buying diamonds, you really need find a cheaper … date.

Therefore, continuing with this site’s overall theme of being a day late and at least one bottle short of a six-pack, here are some fun Valentine’s Day activities. First, from Naye, we have a set of perfect V-Day* cards. Send to the people who got flowers/gifts/etc and felt sorry for you. Then, for all us knuckle draggers, we have Kim’s V-Day list. Finally, for everyone’s health and safety, Lee points out some facts about kissing.

And don’t forget the classic men’s art form, as compiled by Neal.

*VD? Another good reason to avoid the day.