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Lawmakers and lawbreakers

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Forget about Martha Stewart for a second, we have a group of people that makes her look like a piker in comparison. Sure, she made a couple of thousand off of insider info, but what about our elected officials? Not only do have drug addicts, pimps, and killers leading us, we have stock market manipulators.

A study of U.S. senators’ personal stock portfolios has found they outperformed the market by an average of 12 percent a year in the five years to 1998.


Corporate insiders (defined as senior executives) usually outperform by about 5 percent.

Thus, it would seem the real insiders are elected officials who not only have access to information that could impact companies, but also the ability to shape that information.

Sure is nice to be above the law.

They see it, and still make excuses

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In Commentary magazine last November, an Jewish expat began a semiblog about the issues that she is realizing exist in Europe after 11 Sep. She sees that there is an incredible amount of hatred for Jews in Europe that is suppressed, not only by the various governments, but by the Jews themselves.

A little over a month ago, at least one Jew was savagely murdered, his throat slit, his face gouged with a carving knife. Did it create an uproar? No. The incident was stifled, and by common consent—not just by the authorities, but by the Jews.

She is running into the same problem that her grandparents had when they had to flee to America in the 1930’s: her roots are too deep to easily pull them up and move somewhere else, even in the face of such a blatant threat to life. In a way, she did ask for it. She was the first generation American in her family, and she turned her spoiled back on it in the 1972 to flee to France. Now there are three generations of family there, and the younger ones are growing up in a culture where it is not acceptable to be who you are, especially if you’re Jewish. Of course, the solution isn’t to take them somewhere they would be accepted, but rather to wish that she can retain her “swishes and furbelows, my fanfreluches and baubles, my adopted family jewels and Continental airs” thanks to the US exerting a measure of imperialism.

She sees all the problems, and will not use the personal courage that her grandparents showed in moving their family to the US. What kind of lesson is she passing on? That enjoying the “benefits” of European culture is worth having to hide your heritage so that you are not killed? As far as I am concerned, she can stay over there, in a country that even she admits is an American enemy (yes it is their right to be that), but she’ll expect us, the country she turned her back on, to come save her and her people again when the 1930s happen all over again.

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