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A complete success…

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My first turkey dinner that is. The turkey wasn’t undercooked, all of the side dishes (at least the ones I made) turned out good, and all the guests had a good time. However, I am never having 12 guests and a 21.5 lb turkey in the same apartment again. IF I ever cook Thanksgiving dinner again, it has to be in a real kitchen, where I have some space to move around and swap dishes from place to place.

The turkey, surprisingly, ended up perfect. I had planned for a 5.5 hour cook time, but the Reynolds bag chopped the time down by an hour. Otter ended up calling everyone and telling them to come over sooner, but it all turned out good in the end. The bird was perfectly moist, and it pulled off the bones easily. Once again, it just goes to show that as long as you follow directions, most stuff will turn out ok.

At least he’s not racist

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The head researcher for NBC has a theory on why viewership is down in the 18-34 year old male demographic: Hispanic men are too unreliable to push the right buttons. The interesting thing that I find is that he is apparently taking issue with only 105 of 600 people in the target demographic, and they are all Hispanic. David Bauder of the AP does a good wrap up of the discussion, but makes no outcry of the singling out of a racial group as being “too unreliable.” We all know the outcry if Rush or Sean had said something like that. Thanks for being unbiased, media!

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Leading up to the end…

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The push for the “Return of the King” is starting already. Currently, the plan is to watch the extended versions of FOTR and TTT either the day of or the weekend before and then go in to see ROTK. Less than a month left!

The only real issue I have is that the Scouring of the Shire wasn’t even shot. Artistic license and all that (Jackson didn’t like that part of the book), but I’ll miss it. I always thought it was a good lesson on needing to take care of shit at home as well as abroad. Sometimes, when we go help others, trouble comes to our house, and causes more trouble than it would have. At the same time, the experiences elsewhere, help us to deal with those new problems at home. Oh well, it will be missed.

Stop using us as a social lab

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Well, Otter got home yesterday, but her choice of TV shows is horrible. She was watching 60 Minutes when a story about a gay Army (oxymoron? 😉 ) veteran comes on. They kept trying to make a big deal out of the fact that he was kicked out, eight days short of 20 years, over the fact that he was gay. The biggest issue is, it was only part of it.

The show’s favorite quote from the idiot is, “I kept all of my relations completely separate between my military life and duties and my private life. That was absolute.” Yeah sure, which is why he went out and had an improper relationship with a 19-year old private. Hello? Ever heard of fraternization? Any heterosexual Col(S) who pulled that kind of shit with a 19-year old enlisted member would get the same penalty (dismissal).

In fact, he got off lucky. The maximum penalty under Article 134 is “Dismissal, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 2 years.” Smart Guy could also have been prosecuted under Article 94, Failure to obey order or regulation. The maximum penalty for that is “Dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 2 years.” None of that happened, he was just made to leave the service. Hell, he even gets a small reserve pay still. His ass is lucky to get anything, but he can’t seem to get the idea that a fundamental part of being in military is that the laws apply to everyone, and they are enforced equally across the board. No one deserves a blind eye in a justice system, especially a 20 year veteran who knows the law.

There is no bias here, but the issue is that the Looney Left continues to see the military’s only use as being a social lab for agendas they want to force on the American people. God forbid that we should be permitted to keep good order and discipline while we train to kill America’s enemies.

One liners

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US hard on Greenpeace.” – It’s about f’n time, I can only hope that they do lose their tax-exempt status.

Captain Russell Crowe sticks it to the French.” Good for him, too bad the rest of the article is a not-so-thinley veiled “I-hate-Bush” letter to the Looney Left.

US supported terrorists during WWII

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I guess that since we are currently locked in conflict with “resistance fighters,” we had no business helping the French Resistance during WWII. The Left’s inability to distinguish between legitimate resistance fighters (the French, resisting the occupation of their country by the Germans) and terrorist thugs (Ba’athists/Al Quedists, etc, fighting to control the now free people of Iraq) means that all are tarred with the same brush. The last time the French had any balls, and the elites write them off.


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I think they missed a job in this list. What about politicians that get pay increases every year, when their only qualification is running up larger and larger spending bills?

Because they are all pussies

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I should have put this article up for Veteran’s Day, but it is also a perfect answer to this question. In short, all our American leading men are wusses thanks to the continuing negative influence of liberalism in American society.


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Now, Playmakers may not be the most realistic show on TV, but now I can’t f’n wait for next season. The finale just keeps the drama coming, and the last 2 minutes of the show is just intense. Over the last few weeks, it is the only show that I have had to watch every week, it really helps when the last week’s show is shown before the current one. :)

As far as realism goes, as this article shows, there is plenty of insane things that happen almost every week in the NFL. So who cares if some of the players whine about it not being realisitic? I don’t recall ESPN ever saying that it was. It’s a show set against the backdrop of football, just like like all those law shows (Law and Order, CSI, and the list goes on…) are set against a particular backdrop of law enforcement. I’ll be buying the DVD box set of this one, thank you very much.

Matrix: Bashing

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More on the latest Matrix, and thoughts on the series overall. The biggest difference from my opinion is that I liked Reloaded better (with the exception of that rave scene from Zion).

However, the reviewer misses a point. “It seems that, in conceiving their pair of sequels to The Matrix, the writing and directing team of Andy and Larry Wachowski overestimated the profundity of the original’s philosophical musings.” There was always intended to be three movies, which even fits the trinitarian aspect of the Wachowski’s musings. I believe that the questions that were raised as part of the series could only be answered by the creators’ beliefs, which they have been notoriously reticent about. The studio execs probably had something to do with it, since they want to ensure that it appeals across as many belief systems as possible.

The original’s philosophy is severely undercut by the sequels, which take the Wachowski’s mishmash of philosophical possibilities and reduce them to a single option, that of choice. As Agent Smith asks, “Why do you
persist?” “Because I choose to,” says Neo. Of course, that’s directly opposite of the Merovingian’s oft-repeated “Cause – Effect” philosophy that is so prominent in Reloaded and in the beginning of Revolutions. The end doesn’t even show any of the choices for the future, it just kind of leaves you with the unresolved feeling that you get at the end of Pleasantville, that everything should be ok, but it is all too nebulous to feel good about.

Oh well, I’m not going to say any more about this, it’s all kind of worthless in the long run anyways. Of course, I will be getting the boxset when it comes out, it is still a decent sci-fi experience.